The class of 1967 will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and if you think about it 49 other classes could be having some type of reunion this year.  While traditionally one or two classes have come together for a weekend party, we must now come together for the good of the next generation of alumni. Now is the time to share our time, talent and treasury with the future generation of Alums.  The diverse experiences and industry knowledge that we have gained over the years will be invaluable as the students prepare to become full participants in the global knowledge economy.
The fragmented approach used in the past to reunite with our class mates will be replace by an Alumni Association model you see at most institutions of higher education.  I have met with Principal Darryl King, the superintendent of the district, Dr. Kriner Cash, and Councilman Wingo and they all support this idea and collaborative initiative.  To add even more power to this idea the class of 1972, led by their class President Econuel Ingram, have joined us to make sure this is a collaborative effort.
Many classes are all currently on board with others joining weekly as they are exposed to the concept and word spreads.  Talk to your class officers and climb on board.  This united association will be in a position to better support the efforts of the school.  Together we can make the lives of the students in Buffalo better even if we no longer live there!
On August 5th we will launch our signature event.  It will be the 1st annual "All High Old School Jam". This will be our opportunity to fellowship with our friends and competitors from other high schools.
Other details of the weekend and updates can be found on this site.  The only thing missing is you!
All the best,
David E. Garnett, President EHS Class of 1967 / dgarnett33@gmail.com703.926-9134
Econuel Ingram, President EHS Class of 1972 / econueli@yahoo.com / 404.731-6465
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